Changes to the compensation scheme with effect from November 2021 inclusive

An overview is presented below of important changes to the compensation scheme from November 2021 inclusive.

Grant periods

Grant periods are changing from two-monthly to monthly.

Repayment if a profit is made

Enterprises that made a profit of at least NOK 50,000 during the financial year to which the grant period belongs must repay any grants they have received in excess of this amount. This does not apply to compensation received for lost stock.

Dividend limit

Grants received from the grant period November 2021 onwards must be repaid before the enterprise can approve or pay dividends, distributions or other appropriations as set out in Section 3a-3, second paragraph of the Regulation.

Compensation for lost stock (for December 2021 and January 2022)

Enterprises that were ordered by the authorities to fully suspend serving or close due to infection control concerns, can apply for coverage of costs of lost stock for stock that expired or deteriorated and thus could not be sold.

New upper limits for grants

The maximum grants per grant period for an enterprise or group are as follows:

  • NOK 4 million for November 2021
  • NOK 7.5 million for December 2021
  • NOK 7.5 million for January 2022
  • NOK 4 million for February 2022

The total grant amount for all grant periods from and including March 2021 cannot exceed NOK 120 million.

Central fee for taxi depots

With effect from November 2021 inclusive, taxi companies can consider the central fee (sentralavgift) as a fixed, unavoidable cost.


Groups applying collectively for grants for the group must submit an overview of how the grant will be distributed between the various enterprises. The grant authorities will contact you to request this overview.

Ordinary result before taxes

The limitation rule concerning reductions in grants for enterprises that recorded a deficit before the COVID-19 pandemic (normally the 2019 financial year) has been abolished for the grant periods November 2021 – February 2022. (See Section 3-1 (4) of the Regulation for the completion and implementation of the Act on a temporary grant scheme for enterprises experiencing a substantial decrease in turnover after August 2020, grant periods after February 2021).