Reasons why applications are not approved

A list is presented below of some of the reasons why applications may be rejected. The Brønnøysund Register Centre processes applications using a range of controls based on advance checks performed by accountants and auditors, automated checks and manual checks.

Grants under NOK 5,000

Applications where the calculated grant for the period is less than NOK 5,000 will be rejected. In addition, costs for an accountant/auditor will not be covered when the grant is below the minimum limit.

The Brønnøysund Register Centre has recommended that enterprises consider in advance whether it would pay to hire an accountant/auditor to submit an application.

If the grant was too low because inaccurate figures were entered, enterprises will be able to submit a new application with the correct figures.

Decrease in turnover of less than 30 percent

Enterprises must have recorded a decrease in turnover of at least 30 percent mainly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Applications where the decrease in turnover is less than 30 percent will be rejected.

Have employees

Applications from enterprises which are not registered in the Aa Register as having employees at the time the grant is awarded will be rejected. It is also a requirement that the enterprise must have had at least one employee who was paid a salary for at least one calendar month during the period August 2019 to September 2020.

Signed by person without a key role

Applications not signed by a person with a key role in the enterprise will be rejected.

It may be that someone who does not hold a key role has access to sign the application because of the delegations made in Altinn. The enterprise is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate person signs the application.

Enterprises that have had an application rejected because it had been signed by a person without a key role may submit a new application.

The application is not received before the deadline

We must have received the application before the application deadline. If we receive an application after the deadline, the enterprise cannot be granted compensation.