What happens once you have applied

Find out what happens after you submit your application.

  1. We will process the application.
    Most applications are processed automatically. You will then receive an answer shortly.
  2. We send the response to your application to your inbox in Altinn.
    After we have processed the application, we will send a response to the application to the enterprise’s inbox in Altinn.
  3. We will manually process some of the applications.
    If your application is selected for manual processing, it will take a little longer for you to receive a decision. Enterprises that have their application processed manually will be notified of this via Altinn.
  4. We pay the grant into the appropriate account.
    If the application is approved, we will pay the grant into the account within a few working days. The money will be paid into the account with the number you stated in the application.
  5. We publish information about grant awards.

Amend application

It is possible to submit a new application if your application has already been rejected due to the following circumstances:

  • VAT and tax arrears as of 29.02.2020:
    If you have paid the arrears, you can submit a new application. You should wait to submit a new application until two weeks after the payment is made to ensure that the payment has been registered with us.
  • Insufficient documentation for previously submitted application to the compensation scheme held by the Norwegian Tax Administration (April-August 2020):
    If you have submitted documentation which has been approved by the Norwegian Tax Administration, you can submit a new application to us. Before submitting a new application, you are advised to wait until two weeks after the documentation was submitted to the Tax Administration to ensure that the documentation is registered with us.
  • If you have mistakenly provided information which indicates a decrease in turnover of less than 30%.  If the correct figures would show a decrease in turnover in excess of 30%, you can submit a new application.
  • If the application was signed by someone who does not hold a key role within the enterprise.
  • If the enterprise is required to prepare and submit accounts and has not had its annual accounts approved for the most recent financial year in the Register of Company Accounts.
    If your annual accounts have been rejected, you must submit a new set of annual accounts to the Register of Company Accounts and get it approved, before you submit a new application to us.

As per now it is not possible to submit a new application for those with an application pending, or with an approved application.

This option will be available March 9th, and more information about this will follow.


If your enterprise’s application is rejected, you can appeal within three weeks of receiving the letter of refusal.