What happens once you have applied

Find out what happens after you submit your application.

  1. We will process the application.
    Most applications are processed automatically. You will then receive an answer shortly.
  2. We send the response to your application to your inbox in Altinn.
    After we have processed the application, we will send a response to the application to the enterprise’s inbox in Altinn.
  3. We will manually process some of the applications.
    If your application is selected for manual processing, it will take a little longer for you to receive a decision. Enterprises that have their application processed manually will be notified of this via Altinn.
  4. We pay the grant into the appropriate account.
    If the application is approved, we will pay the grant into the account within a few working days. The money will be paid into the account with the number you stated in the application.
  5. We publish information about grant awards.


You should appeal if you believe we have calculated the grant incorrectly based on the amounts you submitted, or alternatively if you believe we have based our calculation on other facts which are incorrect, or if you believe we have made a procedural error.

How to appeal against a decision