Submitting a new application

Altering information when your enterprise has had an application approved

You must let us know if you discover any errors or omissions in an application you have already submitted. It is always the most recently submitted application that applies; a new application will automatically supersede any previously submitted application. If you have already received a grant, the difference will be either paid to you or reclaimed via an invoice sent to you. This only applies if the deadline has not been passed.

If your enterprise has received unwarranted grants, you need to submit a new application, even if the deadline for applications have passed. You will then receive an invoice.

You are not allowed to submit a new application to change the compensation amount to a higher amount than what you have already received when the application deadline has passed.

Has your enterprise received unwarranted grants?

If you later discover that the enterprise has received a grant where the terms of the grant was not met, you can send an explanation to us via our contact form. We will then change your application and send you an invoice for the amount you should pay back.

Have you entered an incorrect reimbursement amount for the costs of accountant/auditor?

If you later discover that you have entered an incorrect amount for the costs of accountant/auditor, you can send us an explanation via our contact form and we will then possibly correct the reimbursement amount.

Who still cannot alter information?

  • Anyone who wishes to amend the amounts, but will not be able to use the form because the conditions for applying are no longer met. This may be, for example, if the enterprise is winding up.

In such cases, you must notify us using our contact form. We will then contact you.

Submitting a new application when your enterprise has had an application rejected

If you discover that your application contains errors or that the conditions for applying come to be met after the enterprise has had an application rejected, you can submit a new application.

Has your enterprise received a rejection after the deadline for applications?

If we have received an application before the deadline, and must reject, you can submit one new application within three weeks from the date on the rejection letter.

What happens after an enterprise submits a new application

  1. You will receive an acknowledgement in your inbox in Altinn
    We will send an acknowledgement confirming that we have received the new application to the enterprise’s inbox in Altinn.
  2. We will process your message
    We will consider the new application and how the change affects the grant that has been awarded.
  3. You will receive a reply via Altinn
    After we have processed the message, we will send a reply concerning the application to the enterprise’s inbox in Altinn.
  4. In the event of changes to a grant that has already been paid
    The change you have reported may result in an increase or decrease in the grant.
    If the grant is increased, the additional money will be paid into the account.
    If the grant is reduced, you will receive an invoice for the amount.


What can you appeal against?

You should appeal if you believe we have calculated the grant incorrectly based on the amounts you submitted, or alternatively if you believe we have based our calculation on other facts which are incorrect, or if you believe we have made a procedural error.

If you submitted the application after the deadline, or for some other reason there are no decisions for the specific period, any appeals will be rejected.  

How to appeal against a decision