How much can your enterprise claim in grants?

It should be noted that different rules apply to the periods from September to February and March to October.

The Regulation that applies to the period September – February
The Regulation that applies to the period March – October

Grants and compensation for lost stock

In order for an enterprise to receive grants or compensation for lost stock, a number of conditions must be met. The grant amount is determined based on the enterprise’s fixed, unavoidable costs. If an enterprise is required by the authorities to stop serving or close for infection control reasons, the enterprise may also apply for compensation for lost stock for the periods November/December 2020, January/February 2021 and March/April 2021.

It should be noted that you must include the loss in the grant period during which the goods actually deteriorated or expired. You cannot combine lost stock for several grant periods in a single application.

Enterprises experiencing financial difficulties

From March onwards, medium and large enterprises that were experiencing financial difficulties before the coronavirus pandemic will not be able to apply for support.


We have created a calculator in Excel which you can use to simulate the grant you may be eligible for. The calculator does not take into account whether the enterprise was experiencing financial difficulties before the coronavirus pandemic. For further guidance, see the individual items in the calculator.

Costs for a public accountant/auditor:

Before submitting an application, this must be verified by an accountant or auditor.

Enterprises which are awarded a grant will receive reimbursement amounting to 80% of the cost of an accountant/auditor, limited to a maximum of NOK 10,000 per period. This is in addition to the calculated grant amount.

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